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In the children’s clinic, parents should do the following, don’t be careless

Be prepared to wait and wait in line for mental activities

It’s not uncommon for emergency rooms to be overcrowded. 兒科專科 The order in which your child receives treatment depends on how early or late you register and the severity of your child’s illness.

Especially in the emergency department, children are not treated first according to the severity of their illness, but rather according to the severity of their illness.

If we do not have your turn, please wait patiently and watch for the doctor’s call.

If a child’s condition changes during the visit, it is necessary to contact the doctor in a timely and effective manner to make a new assessment of the child’s condition and improve the relevant treatment.

Listen carefully to the doctor’s instructions and record them in a small notebook if necessary

During the visit, parents must carefully explain to the doctor how the injury or illness developed (if you know about them), when it occurred, and what discomfort the baby has.

It is important to accurately describe to the doctor how the baby is feeling, the current symptoms and when they occurred, so that the doctor can make a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for the child.

If possible, the mother can also record the information she wants to present to the doctor and sort it out word by word, so that you can present the condition to the doctor more accurately and comprehensively.

If a child has accidentally ingested some foreign substances or toxic substances, these corporate substances should be brought to the doctor for information to study the next step in the analysis of the test results.

Of course, parents can also ask the doctor if they have any questions. At the same time, you need to take careful note of the doctor’s instructions, such as what your child needs to be aware of and deal with at this time, and the dosage of medication to be taken at home.

You can also write down the dosage and frequency of medication you need to take at home in a small notebook in case you miss it.

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Before taking your baby to the emergency room, parents need to know these details.