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11 points of attention when usin…

1. There should be no electrically charged instruments and wires within 2 meters of the ecg machine, such as fans, telephones, meters, lamps, etc. Large appliances such as x-ray machines, electrotherapy machines, refrigerators, generators, etc. should be kept 10 meters away to avoid interference.

2. The temperature and humidity of the examination room should be moderate to avoid overheating, overcooling or excessive humidity, which may cause discomfort or muscle tremors and affect the effect of ECG tracing.

The patient should avoid strenuous activities before ECG tracing, and should lie still on the examination bed for a few minutes to relax the muscles of the whole body and reduce the interference caused by muscle tremors.

4. Adopt a horizontal posture, or a semi-sitting or sitting posture for those who cannot lie down, or an upright posture for those who cannot lie down according to special needs.

5. Tell the patient to be quiet, do not move, do not talk, and do not hyperventilate when doing ECG.

When tracing the ECG, pay attention to the stability of the baseline and whether there is interference. Three sets of ECG waveforms can be traced for each lead.

7. In case of baseline instability or interference, check whether the electrode plate is in good contact with the skin, whether the electrode connection is solid, whether the lead wire and ground wire are properly connected, and whether there is electromagnetic interference around.

8. Female breast ptosis should keep the breast (note not to directly contact the subject’s skin), such as the V3, V4, V5 lead wire electrodes placed on the chest wall at the lower edge of the breast.

At the end of work, disconnect the power supply, cover the machine with a dust cover, clean the electrodes, and disinfect them.

When using a defibrillator, the lead wires of the general ECG machine should be separated from the main body and should not be protected by a defibrillator.

The ECG monitor is a measuring medical device and should be inspected regularly by the relevant authorities as needed.