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Insulin injection sites

The appropriate areas for insulin injections are the abdomen, upper outer thighs, 胰島素注射劑量 outer 1/4 of the arms and upper outer buttocks. There are subcutaneous fatty tissues underneath these areas, which absorb insulin.

Injections should not be repeated in one place, but should be given separately along a straight line.

Insulin needles are disposable and cannot be used repeatedly. Inaccurate dose of insulin injection; overflow of insulin from the needle during insulin injection, which increases resistance; blunting of the needle during injection

Different types of insulin have subtle differences in clinical application, 腸泌素針劑 so attention should be paid to choosing the right type of insulin. The selection of needles and the frequency of use should also be strictly controlled. Follow your doctor’s advice

The correct steps for using insulin needles

1. When using the insulin needle, remove the pen cap and rotate the cartridge holder.

2. Push the piston rod back until the piston rod cannot be moved.

3. Insert the refill into the refill holder, and then clamp the holder onto the pen.

4. If the refill already contains insulin preparations that need to be mixed well, pay attention to the balanced mixing. Mixing method: roll horizontally 10 times, then shake up and down 10 times.

Screw on a new needle, then remove the outer and inner pin caps in turn.

6. Pull out the recommended injection and adjust the corresponding value.

7. Exhaust. Place the pen upright, flick the barrel several times with your finger, and then press the injection button fully until it sounds. The dose display should return to 0 and the insulin drop should appear at the tip of the needle. If not, repeat steps 6-7 until a droplet appears.

8. Note: The injection dose can be adjusted by rotating the injection button.

9. Press the injection push button fully until no sound is detected and the dose is displayed at a different degree of 0. Then place the needle in the patient’s subcutaneous tissue for at least 6 seconds and pull it out.

10. Put on the outer needle cap, press the cartridge holder, remove the needle, dispose of the discarded needle correctly, and close the pen cap tightly after injection.